My dear friends. In order to share with you the joy and beauty of these wonderful songs, believing that they will be the point of meeting me and you, I sincerely greet you with the desire to transfer our acquaintance and cooperation into the poetry of painting, words and feelings. Hadzi Dusan Milosevic.

Dream of flower

Wonderfully fragile with his
The darkness of the earth is breaking through
heaven to look.
Fine glass
lustfully drinks a rosy morning
full of faded star shine.
It opens the fragile innocent soul
and without fear
in this rude world enters.
I will bless my own
and according to that stone heart
he touches the gentleness.
He goes silent, with no jaws,
carrying in his dream,
loyal to flowering,
awakening in the splendor of the new spring.

Tomislav Popovic


What I see here
the wounding heart of mine
and so I'm asking.

What is looking for my heart
I do not see it here
and therefore I believe.

Tomislav Popovic

Memento Mori

Walk quietly
small under the stars
because nothing is yours here,
all you have
You borrowed
and you'll have to get it back.
In a clenched hand
You can not hold water.
It's already yesterday
tomorrow is already today.
There are no such fortresses in the world
which dream will not collapse,
Not even that dream
which java will not bother.
Behind the step
to which you sounded loudly
who is so silent
delete tracks.
If you want you to
and to be,
walk quietly,
small under the stars.

Tomislav Popovic

Serenity Song

I'm not looking for anything else here
I stand still and wait
from the sky
for thirst
blue drop
from the ground
for hunger
bark of bread.
And as I get to know and feed here,
I know that they will come as their own
the sky
by my own
blue soul
to fragile
my body.
I'm not looking for anything else here
I stand still and wait
for thirst
from the sky
blue drop
for hunger
from the ground
bark of bread.

Tomislav Popovic


I am obliged by your steps
a song of my steps
And look at the sun
which I send you to meet.

I am obliged by your hand to my hand,
Your distress is my heartfelt grief,
Your joy uncovered
my joy that we met again.

I am indebted to your memories of my memory
on the bloom of the spring of one youth
whose dreams,
starved with starry bears,
the pursuit of the infinity that opens before us,
together dreamed.

Tomislav Popovic

A song of silence

From the silence thunder is born
from the silence the word springs
silent weaving dream of my tart
in silence all enters
With silence the sky floats
with silence and color smells
with silence in the grass
quiet veins and exhaled.
Silent song sings light
in the middle of the night in the middle of darkness
in silence the sun is extinguished
and with the silence of dreams shines.

Tomislav Popovic

Speech of love

These words can not say love
it can look
in which you see yourself free of guiltless,
it can smile the sun,
face infused with the light of the child
heart is playful
which would get out of the chest
when she saw you.

It can track the steps of these
which I am trying to meet you,
I can handle this hands spread
to get you in the embrace.

It can also be on a breakup
tears this
which remains permanently
in a sad gloomy eye
heavy and unplanned.

Tomislav Popovic


Oh, the beauty I dream of
Nothing similar
whose picture is
from the distance track of the star
she came to me
this darkness and my night
In this dream I listen to the song
wider hands
to hug everything that lives
in the light
Birds approach me, beasts
and all people
united in love
and eternity.
Oh, the beauty I dream of
Nothing similar
whose picture is
from the infinite trace of the star
down here
this darkness and my night

Tomislav Popovic


When I sing
to echo Your poems
in me echoes.

When I dream
It's Your Light
in me
my night divides.

When I kiss it
this is your infinite blue,
it's you
in my heart settled down.

Tomislav Popovic

To Sing You

I want to tell you
and you're beautiful and a to far
for this word.
Behind the scarred eyelashes I still hear
Your mild whisper
and I look at your shining eyes.
I stand before you
vicious with this dream
with this silent silence.
I want to tell you
and you are beautiful and to far.
You dictate me
and I announce the death to death
life to life.
Only Your Love
knows the way
to me in the self-detained..
only Your Light
he found the path
to the darkness of my blood.
And now
I sing Your song
Temporarily placed in my heart.
I'm free as much
how much I belong to You
and as great as yourself
to the greatness of You offering.
Do you hear?
muffled the thunder of silence
He is coming.
It's not a step or a trail on his way.
Not worse, not all of us
obstacles are not
walk to his beloved.
In vain,
they shook like grass in front of their hair
we ask who invited him.
He comes to say the last word
the quietest,
the one we would like to keep silent
Do you hear the buzzing of the bells of light,
that He is coming!

Tomislav Popovic

Road of love

Do not seek the love of others
someone else's sun will not divide your night,
A foreign fire will not burn ash
your extinguished fireplace.

Get on the road through yourself
deeper to the bottom
to the corner of the hidden one
and the flame that made you from infinity,
Through darkness, he brought it here.
With him, without fear, take the journey from yourself
and you'll see how around you
A wider circle of light
and burn innumerable fire
that are melting ice from your lonely heart.

And you will hear the song of eternal spring
which you sing bell-like children's voices
coming from afar.

Tomislav Popovic


In moment I am darking,
In moment I am lighting
in the night, in the day;
In moment I am flying
In moment I am sunking
In the glow, in a dream.
In moment I am carrying,
In moment I am begging
Sun and air;
In moment I am filling
In moment I am drinking
Darkness and dark.
In moment I am singing, in moment I am dreaming
Song and sound;
In moment I am draw, in moment I am hearing
Bell and tortoise.

Tomislav Popovic

The star of heaven and the human face will never be able to see man. You are watching and watching, and everything is seen and unknown, known and new. Face, it's a flower on that plant called a man ...     Ivo Andric

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