My dear friends. In order to share with you the joy and beauty of these wonderful songs, believing that they will be the point of meeting me and you, I sincerely greet you with the desire to transfer our acquaintance and cooperation into the poetry of painting, words and feelings. Hadzi Dusan Milosevic.


In moment I am darking,
In moment I am lighting
in the night, in the day;
In moment I am flying
In moment I am sunking
In the glow, in a dream.
In moment I am carrying,
In moment I am begging
Sun and air;
In moment I am filling
In moment I am drinking
Darkness and dark.
In moment I am singing, in moment I am dreaming
Song and sound;
In moment I am draw, in moment I am hearing
Bell and tortoise.

Tomislav Popovic

The star of heaven and the human face will never be able to see man. You are watching and watching, and everything is seen and unknown, known and new. Face, it's a flower on that plant called a man ...     Ivo Andric

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