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Marija Bojovic


     Marija Bojovic - Maestro photographer

     Person of high culture and style!




 HRIS1701     Andja Vasiljevic - Maestro laborant

      There is no such person in the world!

      The special quality of our services is that we have our own laboratory, thanks to which we are able to influence the quality of the product.






     Hadzi Dusan Milosevic - Maestro photographer

     Lionel Messi in derby Barcelona - Real Madrid!



The star of heaven and the human face will never be able to see man. You are watching and watching, and everything is seen and unknown, known and new. Face, it's a flower on that plant called a man ...     Ivo Andric

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Address: Devet Jugovica 30, Cacak, Serbia.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri / 09h - 20h and Saturday: 09h - 20h.
Phone: +381(0)64/43-11-400
You can writte us on:  mess

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