ooOUbree Poetry Man of the Here

Why ooOUbre?
"ooOUbree" is a new, exclusive offer of the atelier of good pictures, man of the hereafter, which offers a higher level of product than the previous ones.
The brand was created spontaneously because this "bre" is very typical for a Serbian man. We believe that our "humiliated breach" can become our own and your pride. In addition, "ooOUbree" relaxes both us and you and helps us to be what we are and to get to the best in us.

Why poetry?

Because it was given to us to travel on its wings the path of Heaven, in the blue distances, free from everything.

Why Man?

Because at the center of our photographic attention is a man.

Why here?

To be here, my debt is!

Best regards

Hadzi Dusan M. Milosevic

Our photographic approach has three clear directions. It is a tendency towards beauty, towards truth and goodness. These three exist in every human being, and my main task is to just get to it. From experience, I know that it is possible, that it is not so easy, but with faith, persistence and aspiration towards it always comes. This is in essence what makes our clients very pleased because we find the most beautiful, truthful and best in them.



The star of heaven and the human face will never be able to see man. You are watching and watching, and everything is seen and unknown, known and new. Face, it's a flower on that plant called a man ...     Ivo Andric

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Address: Devet Jugovica 30, Cacak, Serbia.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri / 09h - 20h and Saturday: 09h - 20h.
Phone: +381(0)64/43-11-400
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